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Angular has a sizable and active developer community that actively contributes to its development and enhancement. Through forums and online communities, the community offers comprehensive documentation, tutorials, code examples, and support. Employing an Angular developer enables access to this extensive knowledge base and helps to ensure development that follows best practices.

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Any business that wants to leverage the power of Angular for extensive growth will need the expertise and skills of dedicated Angular developers.

We understand your sentiments (and underlying needs). With 10 years of experience, we are able to understand your underlying needs. Our able team of skilled and dedicated Angular developers dive into new projects and deliver high-performing, fast, and secure Angular websites that can empower your business with multi-dimensional benefits. These can range from decreased costs and quality work to timely project execution and optimal websites. If you hire dedicated Angular web developers/programmers from us, you can be assured of a value-driven and user-friendly customer experience with unparalleled ease of use across comprehensive business operations.

What are the key areas in which our Angular Developers are experienced?

Strong front-end framework

For the development of dynamic and responsive online applications, Angular is a powerful and widely used front-end framework. Developers may easily design intricate and feature-rich applications because of its wide range of tools and functionalities.

Development of single-page applications (SPAs)

Angular excels at creating SPAs, which dynamically load content without requiring a page reload. Companies may take use of this capacity and provide highly dynamic and seamless user experiences by hiring an Angular developer.

Component-based architecture

The component-based architecture used by Angular encourages code modularity and reuse. By building reusable components that encapsulate particular functionality, Angular developers may speed up development while also facilitating better code maintenance and scalability.

Language TypeScript

TypeScript, a statically typed superset of JavaScript, is used to create Angular. Advanced features including class-based object-oriented programming, static typing, and improved tools are offered by TypeScript. Employing an Angular developer ensures TypeScript proficiency, producing more reliable and maintainable code.

Cross-platform development

Angular gives programmers the ability to create programmes that can work on a variety of platforms, including desktop software, mobile devices, and web browsers. Because of their adaptability, businesses may target a variety of platforms with a single codebase, cutting down on development costs and time to market.

Long-term maintenance and support

Angular is backed and maintained by Google, which guarantees constant updates, bug fixes, and enhancements. Companies may have trust in the stability and long-term viability of Angular-based projects because of this dedication to long-term maintenance.

Testing and maintainability

Unit testing, end-to-end testing, and other testing frameworks are all supported natively by Angular. To ensure high-quality apps, Angular developers are adept at designing testable code and putting testing techniques into practice. In addition, Angular’s disciplined architecture and coding standards help create codebases that are scalable and easy to maintain.

Scalability and performance at the enterprise level

Angular’s design and features, like lazy loading, AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation, and effective change detection techniques, make it a good choice for developing complex applications with high performance requirements. Companies may create enterprise-grade applications that can manage complicated business requirements and heavy user loads by hiring an Angular developer.

In conclusion, employing an Angular developer gives businesses the knowledge they need to make the most of the framework’s potent features and functionalities. The talents required to generate reliable, scalable, and high-performing web apps are brought by Angular developers, who can build single-page applications, work cross-platform, and maintain code quality.

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Benefits of Hiring From OpensourceXpert

Direct Point of Contact

With our hire Angular developer model, we provide SPOC to collaborate with your team through various stages of the project with an aim to deliver a successful project.

Build your Own Team

Select a perfect mix of Angular developers based on expertise level aligning with client needs of quick scalability and business agility to overcome challenges for a competitive advantage.

Technical Expertise

Our team of offshore Angular developers are some of the best in the industry helping build breakthrough web apps to sustain, build and thrive in the journey of digital transformation.

Flexible Models

Whether it is full-time, part-time or ad hoc, hire Angular developers based on workload, minimizing expenses associated with hiring and training of new employees in different technologies.

Friction-less Communication

Our expert developers are skilled at soft skills and can facilitate a culture of collaborative working. Plus, we believe in driving constructive feedback to ensure that the product is nothing but the best version of your business goals.

Years of experience

Our diverse hiring models can provide you with plenty of options, be it hiring hourly, full-time, or contract basis depending on your business needs.

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I hired OpensourceXpert for our music website and he was able to create a custom framework with a billing system integration. The team integrated AWS with a scalable infrastructure. I recommend the OpensourceXpert team for any high-level project you or your company may have.

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It was amazing working with OpensourceXpert Team, Their work ethic and timelines are very nice. It was very easy to discuss tasks and explain the requirements which goes to show that they have a lot of experience in the field. They can handle and take over large projects with ease, which was pretty clear from how easily they were able to fix things and make changes to the already-built application. Would definitely hire them again.

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