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Any business that wants to leverage the power of PHP for extensive growth will need the expertise and skills of dedicated PHP developers.

We understand your sentiments (and underlying needs). With 10 years of experience, we are able to understand your underlying needs. Our able team of skilled and dedicated developers dive into new projects and deliver high-performing, fast, and secure websites that can empower your business with multi-dimensional benefits. These can range from decreased costs and quality work to timely project execution and optimal websites. If you hire dedicated web developers/programmers from us, you can be assured of a value-driven and user-friendly customer experience with unparalleled ease of use across comprehensive business operations.

What are the key areas in which our Developers are experienced?

Hire PHP Developers

You’re looking for a highly qualified PHP developer to join your team and help create dynamic web apps. This developer has extensive knowledge of PHP and related frameworks and is skilled at creating scalable, effective solutions. By employing this skilled PHP developer, you can add value to your projects and provide outstanding user experiences.

Hire Laravel Developers

Looking to hire a skilled Laravel developer with a proven track record in building robust web applications using the Laravel framework. With expertise in developing scalable solutions and implementing best practices, this developer can effectively contribute to your team’s success. Bring efficiency, quality, and exceptional user experiences to your projects by adding this experienced Laravel developer.

Hire CodeIgniter Developers

Looking to recruit a professional CodeIgniter developer with a solid understanding of the architecture and functionality of the framework. This developer can effectively use CodeIgniter’s capabilities to offer high-quality solutions because they have a track record of creating reliable web applications. Bring this skilled CodeIgniter developer on board to increase team efficiency and produce great user experiences.

Hire Angular Developers

Seeking a talented Angular developer with experience creating dynamic and interactive web applications utilizing the Angular framework. This developer can help to produce seamless user experiences because they have a thorough understanding of TypeScript and front-end development best practice. Hiring this skilled Angular developer will improve the capabilities of your team and result in the delivery of modern, responsive web applications.

Hire React JS Developers

Looking to recruit a competent React.js developer with experience utilising React.js and its ecosystem to create scalable and dynamic online applications. This developer can construct extremely fast and user-friendly interfaces thanks to a thorough understanding of component-based architecture and state management. By bringing this accomplished React.js developer onto your team, you can ensure the success of your project and provide outstanding user experiences.

Hire Node Js Developers

Looking for an experienced Node.js developer ? With knowledge of constructing dependable and scalable server-side applications utilizing Node.js and related frameworks. This developer can successfully handle high-traffic applications and enhance performance thanks to a solid command of JavaScript and asynchronous programming. By bringing this skilled Node.js developer onto your team, you can improve its skills and guarantee effective backend development.

Hire WordPress Developers

Are you in search of a proficient WordPress developer specialized in crafting bespoke and feature-rich websites using the WordPress platform. With extensive knowledge of WordPress themes, plugins, and PHP coding, this developer excels at creating visually captivating and functional websites that align with your unique business requirements. Elevate your online presence and captivate your audience by enlisting the expertise of this seasoned WordPress developer.

Hire Shopify Developers

Looking for a qualified Shopify developer with experience building unique, high-converting e-commerce websites using the Shopify platform. This developer can assist you in creating a prosperous online store because they are skilled in developing Shopify themes, integrating apps, and improving user experience. By working with this skilled Shopify developer, you can boost sales and improve your online store’s efficiency.

Hire Magento Developers

Looking to hire a talented Magento developer with a proven track record in developing robust and scalable e-commerce solutions using the Magento platform. With expertise in Magento theme customization, module development, and performance optimization, this developer can help you create a seamless online shopping experience. Enhance your e-commerce business and drive sales by bringing on board this experienced Magento developer.

Hire Mobile App Developers

Are you looking for a talented mobile app developer with expertise creating native or cross-platform apps for iOS and Android. This developer can offer high-quality and streamlined mobile solutions thanks to a solid grasp of mobile app development frameworks like React Native or Flutter. Hiring this seasoned mobile app developer will enhance your mobile presence and engage your users.


What makes us the 'Best Technology Partner' for you?

Benefits of Hiring From OpensourceXpert

Direct Point of Contact

With our hire PHP developer model, we provide SPOC to collaborate with your team through various stages of the project with an aim to deliver a successful project.

Build your Own Team

Select a perfect mix of PHP developers based on expertise level aligning with client needs of quick scalability and business agility to overcome challenges for a competitive advantage.

Technical Expertise

Our team of offshore PHP developers are some of the best in the industry helping build breakthrough web apps to sustain, build and thrive in the journey of digital transformation.

Flexible Models

Whether it is full-time, part-time or ad hoc, hire PHP developers based on workload, minimizing expenses associated with hiring and training of new employees in different technologies.

Friction-less Communication

Our expert developers are skilled at soft skills and can facilitate a culture of collaborative working. Plus, we believe in driving constructive feedback to ensure that the product is nothing but the best version of your business goals.

Years of experience

Our diverse hiring models can provide you with plenty of options, be it hiring hourly, full-time, or contract basis depending on your business needs.

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Trusted by the experts over the globe

With our unique geolocation app, OpensourceXpert’s team gives us huge assistance. They didn’t only correctly and promptly execute the solution; they also offered us advice and technical support. I would suggest OpensourceXpert Infotech to anyone who requires a trustworthy, knowledgeable software developer.


It’s a pleasure to work with OpensourceXpert’s Team. When given an issue to solve, they do it quickly and with the best possible outcome. I rely on their dependability and prompt communication to succeed in my work, and they consistently provide both while keeping a positive outlook.

Project Manager

I hired the OpensourceXpert team for web development on multiple platforms & Website Maintenance. The team was very responsive and completed tasks in a timely matter. I highly recommend their services and level of professional experience

Customer Jay Valdez Testimonial
– Jay Valdej
CEO - Elite Remix Music

I hired OpensourceXpert for our music website and he was able to create a custom framework with a billing system integration. The team integrated AWS with a scalable infrastructure. I recommend the OpensourceXpert team for any high-level project you or your company may have.

Customer Angel Arock Testimonial
– Angle D. Castilio
CEO - BPM Music Inc

It was amazing working with OpensourceXpert Team, Their work ethic and timelines are very nice. It was very easy to discuss tasks and explain the requirements which goes to show that they have a lot of experience in the field. They can handle and take over large projects with ease, which was pretty clear from how easily they were able to fix things and make changes to the already-built application. Would definitely hire them again.

– Afolayan Olawale
CEO - Libersquare.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated developers are experts who dedicate their full- or part-time time to working just for your business. They are frequently hired from software development firms or freelancing marketplaces and are entirely focused on your projects, tasks, and objectives.

Employing devoted developers has a number of advantages, such as:

Flexibility: Depending on the needs of the project, you can scale up or down your development team.

Cost savings: Hiring dedicated developers rather than full-time in-house developers can save you money because you won’t have to pay for the overhead costs of full-time personnel.

Access to specialized skills: By recruiting committed developers with in-depth knowledge of numerous technologies and programming languages, you can gain access to a broad range of skills and expertise.

Dedicated developers concentrate only on your projects, which can lead to higher productivity and quicker development cycles.

Reduced recruitment and onboarding time: By hiring dedicated engineers from software development businesses, time and effort are saved by not needing to go through lengthy recruitment and onboarding procedures.

The following things should be taken into account while selecting specialized developers:

Assess the developers’ abilities and competence to make sure they meet the needs of your project. Look for a good portfolio and experience that is relevant.

Collaboration and dialogue: Analyze the developers’ capacity to collaborate well with a remote team and their communication skills. Successful teamwork depends on effective communication.

Accessibility and working hours: Make sure the committed developers can handle your project’s timelines and, if necessary, time zone variances by clarifying their availability and work schedule.

References and endorsements: To learn more about the work ethics, dependability, and transparency of the developers, contact references or read client testimonials.

To efficiently supervise and oversee the efforts of committed developers:

Clarify your objectives and expectations: Project requirements, deliverables, and deadlines should all be clearly stated. To achieve alignment, provide thorough requirements and frequent feedback.

Employ project management software: To assign tasks, monitor progress, and communicate with the devoted engineers, use project management systems like Jira, Trello, or Asana.

Continue to communicate frequently: Plan frequent status reports, meetings, and check-ins to stay updated about the development work’s advancement and to resolve any queries or issues.

Keep an eye on the caliber of your work: Maintain high-quality development standards by conducting code reviews, giving feedback, and reviewing the code on a regular basis.

For hiring devoted developers, typical engagement strategies include:

Full-time devoted developers: You employ dedicated developers who work solely on your projects for 40 hours each week.

Part-time dedicated developers are perfect for smaller projects or jobs that don’t demand a full-time commitment. You hire dedicated developers for a set number of hours per week.

Fixed-term agreements: To finish a particular project or task, you hire specialized developers for a set period of time. When you require short-term or one-time development, this model offers flexibility.

To choose the engagement model that best meets your needs, take into account the size and duration of your project.

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